A gentleman called to see you when you were out last night, sir", said Mrs Medley, my landlady, removing the last of the breakfast things.
"Yes?" I said, in my affable way.
"A gentleman", said Mrs Medley meditatively, "with a very powerful voice."
P.G Wodehouse - Love Among the Chickens.

"You will not find your father greatly changed" remarked Lady Moping as the car turned into the gates of the County Asylum.
E Waugh - Mr Loveday's Little Outing.

Décor : Le petit salon de l'appartement d'Algernon. Lane est en train de disposer le thé de l'après-midi. On entend de la musique dans la pièce voisine. Algernon entre.
- Algernon : Did you hear what I was playing, Lane?
- Lane : I didn't think it polite to listen.
O Wilde - The Importance of Being Earnest.